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Picture of Almond

Who I am?

Hello sweetie! I am Almendra, VIP level companion in the most beautiful and quiet neighborhood of

Palermo Hollywood ✨⠀

I am a Fitness model and dancer, my elongation and my way of moving will drive you crazy 🤯⠀

Also, I assure you... you have never touched skin as soft as mine ✨

I want to give you the best of me, to enjoy together an encounter full of complicity, pleasure and eroticism.


⚜️ My service: COMPLETE, conventional and more..⠀


📍 Own apartment 5 ★ super comfortable and discreet⠀

📍 I also do Hotels and Homes



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Experiences (10)


6 months ago

It is a bomb, there is no auction. Hygienic, soft and lame. Prettier than in photos. I was surprised. The place is clean and very discreet for those of us who cheat. Worth every dollar.
Every time I go it's a new adventure. It never ceases to amaze me. It does not leave you with the desire and you leave SATISFIED.


6 months ago

It's great. That ass is priceless. Real fitness girl, you touch her and she's all tight. Complete service REALLY and without rush. If you ask for anal, he does it as it should be. And he enjoys it a lot, and deep down, he loves it.


6 months ago

it is magnificent. It was a beautiful night and her body is amazing. her ass is perfection


5 months ago

I visit her every week, a total genius!
She rides like the best, and she likes all the poses. We did Anal and it's the only one I've visited that doesn't complain. She's a ninja and she loves it. He has terrible stamina.
The super fit body and a pussy that makes you want to stay and live there.
Do not miss it because it does not take many turns and post that you leave happy every time you see it. Kisses almen you are a goddess


5 months ago

I went for 1 hour and stayed for 2. Impossible to get away from this woman. It was hard for me to believe that it was just like the photos and when I saw it I liked it even more. Worth every dollar.
She is BEAUTIFUL, funny and a sexual fire. It gets wet rich.
She makes some vaginal contractions that your friend exploits like never before. Body, face and sex 10, and while you do it, it blows your mind how he looks at you and how he moves.
Several positions and we end up with her against the wall. A luxury that I will repeat


5 months ago

Let me tell you that this woman is the QUEEN of ANAL SEX. I read the comments and wanted to have my xp and fell in love. The back it has and the face left me speechless. All natural, all smooth, all firm. First in front, very tight and then in the back even better. The truth guys is not wasted.
Educated, sensual and bomb. There is no better combination. I forgot something important, give REAL KISSES, no pecks. It eats your mouth and makes it beautiful.


4 months ago

Sexually she is explosive, but the good vibes she has and her smile make you fall in love. You leave super relaxed and happy. Thanks Almen, see you soon! kisses 🙂


3 months ago

The skin that this woman has is incredible, silky. Addictive. I felt comfortable at all times. Very sensual from the look to how she moves. It is very sweet and extremely sexual. It is prettier than in photos, it surprised me.
Super good vibes, it is to repeat always


1 month ago

Thanks Almendra for 2 days of pure fun. You made me know beautiful places with your wonderful company. It's nice to be by your side and to be able to talk to you, you're sweet and your body is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I hope to return to visit you soon because you made me fall in love with your country. Lots of kisses for you


3 weeks ago

Much prettier than in photos. You feel like I've known you for a long time, from the body I can tell you that it's the same or better personally and the kisses he gives you make you stop in seconds. The vicious little tail that it has is something that I always want to repeat. the best wave, it doesn't clock and as soon as I left I already wanted to return

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