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Picture of vip natasha

Who I am?


A very hot brunette 🔥🔥
Luxurious, independent, upper class, warm, open-minded, educated and who knows how to satisfy demanding men✨
So that you can spend a wonderful encounter💗 with me if you only let me take care of you in the best sexual way❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 I can be the most sensual and fun girlfriend you have ever dreamed of✨✨

- Luxury escort 💎

📍My location is PUERTO MADERO

*I am full time / schedules to coordinate

📍 My apartment has all the safety, hygiene and refrigerator conditions.
Set for you to come and have an impressive moment 🥂🥂🥂

*My gift is 300usd 💸
or to the change to the blue dollar.

💎I also go to hotels ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Business events with extra plus.

♥️ I guarantee that I am really the one in the photos

I wait for you 💋💋✨📲📲📲


vip natasha

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Experiences (36)


2 years ago

she is an incredible goddess woman

little angel

2 years ago

It is beautiful and super sweet excellent service


2 years ago

A terrible hillock and super cool. A combination that is not easy!


2 years ago

Excellent everything, but between her and lizz they killed me. This is the definition of a Trio by far, fully recommended. The two are super attentive and always coordinate with each other to make the best of everything. Thank you


2 years ago

Excellent service, a lusty night…
Incredible, identical to your photos…
Recommendation x 100…


2 years ago

My first video call was unforgettable (all very well with the payment). He fulfilled everything he promised. She called me and seeing her on my cell phone dance and use a little toy was incredible. In person it is even prettier than in the photos. His body is beautiful and the treatment is super sweet. I had a good time. I would like to repeat


2 years ago

Great experience the video call with her. Very good vibes too. He fulfilled everything.


2 years ago

It met all my expectations, very nice in her video call, really great, totally recommended for those who want a video call with her


2 years ago

I did a sexting with her. It was pure audio, beautiful it doesn't rush over time, super delicate. a great one


2 years ago

She's a total whore. He has a sweet voice and likes it smooth and rich.


1 year ago

Hello beautiful what is the value of video calls
let me know love


1 year ago

It can't be richer!

Alberto F.

1 year ago

Whoever was hungry, for you to give me food three times a day


1 year ago

Natasha the name fits you just right. A female, the best of bs as. A machine of the highest competition. 12 cylinder 550hp. A tremendous ass. Powerful skin. You suck all His lips are a devilish receptacle for the friend I get laid at the touch it licks all... his milk white lips a love. Boob heart! She is a samurai in the sheets. The tight little slit is hard to put in but when it comes in, mommy!! Gird the friend you feel in heaven. I threw another one at him. I paid him what he asked me. I don't know. 50 Lucas. I put it on the back, a fucking shit out of me the 3rd!! He kisses you and you get milk from you don't know where. I screamed like an arrano. She finished all I left as if they had given me two morphine syringes. He went out into the street and came back from a trip through space.


1 year ago

It was the roller coaster. Her lips and pussy conspire to make you hard as a sleeper. A tremendous machine. Lethal weapon. Huge ass. I dusted 3 times, the first one in my mouth, the second one I dreamed about, the last length, very much enjoyed. Terrible female...a samurai of the sheets...was born to bring happiness!!


1 year ago

Natasha is a sculpture, firm and unique body.
Super good vibes, super hygienic, a perfect girl.


1 year ago

Very dog I loved it! highly recommended


1 year ago

Terrible she-wolf!! I had a great time highly recommended! Very good loin, I will repeat!


1 year ago

Seduced and delighted with Gabriela. Woman mixes sweet a lot of sensuality really makes you feel with her boyfriend caressing kisses.
Sex very fires up that technique that you have to really enjoy.


1 year ago

An idol with all the letters. He gives him the best vibes during the entire match, and on top of that, he splits into a thousand. By far the best queue you will see, there is no discussion. Do not hesitate and go to meet her, you will not find any more horny and cool girl than Natasha


1 year ago

I spent one night to remember it more Real Natasha with her friend Kym are two beautiful and super friendly and complies with what was agreed and more!!!


1 year ago

Prettier personally….she is a goddess….


1 year ago

Natasha, beauty! Could you stop by Madrid sometime?


1 year ago

Love if you can contact me
Write to my wtp.
I would like to go to spain


1 year ago

Last night I was with her, INCREDIBLE, more beautiful than in the photos, you can spend a pleasant time having a drink and chatting, and when it comes to sex, it's indescribable how well she does it!!!!


1 year ago

you are a beautiful bomb


1 year ago

Super sweet, wonderful sexy

John James

1 year ago

Today I had the pleasure of meeting this beauty! From the place, safe, sanitized wherever you see it. She, a bomb! a beautiful brunette! just like the photos! Worthy morning with her on the day of the date! I will be back…


1 year ago

You're beautiful!!! If you go to Mallorca-Spain let me know that I will contact you without a doubt.
A sweet kiss


11 months ago

A goddess... has a divine body, very well cared for. The tail is immense and hard, its beautiful lolas of the precise bearing and a beautiful face a true Angel. His attention is the best, he takes great care in attention. A train of lust and passion. I wait for the moment to repeat that unbridled passion that he delivers. 1000% recommended…!!!


8 months ago

This brunette is impressive, she sucks your dick like no other we did a threesome with the friend Kim between the 2 of them they kissed all the time and drank all the cum


7 months ago

Wow, wow, Natasha!!, Mamma mia!!, you are DIVINE!!


7 months ago

oh so beautiful natasha
I already went for you 2 times
You are a charming woman both as a person and in bed
100% real lss photos
I will be back soon


5 months ago

she is a woman and the most divine female of all. I'll be back soon I visited her from Chile a while ago. love


3 months ago

Beautiful brunette 100% real photos. I had an amazing experience. We meet via whatsapp, he gives me the address of his apartment. The impeccable place. She receives me with a red thong and a transparent robe. We had already agreed to do some things, to which he agreed without problem. First she does a very hot dance for me, slowly undressing and touching those two beautiful dwarf heads and passing her tongue around. The friend was already hard as a mast. Then he jumps on top of me and begins to untie my pants, meanwhile our lips crossed until we put our tongues down my throat. He bites you and gives some amazing kisses. Now to the stick, the first oral comes out and he lets me cum on his tits. A while passes, he lets me clean myself in the bathroom. And I told him I wanted to catch a glimpse of that beautiful tail, just like that in four, he made me explode with pleasure, he moans like a wolf in heat, fuck me, give me more daddy, I want all the milk, he told me. The second came out. Now the two of us on the bed, I hit a horseback ride, changing position, I thought I would end up on the roof and I in the stratosphere, the third one left. As there was time left over, she bought me a drink and we had a nice talk, very nice and open to dialogue. 100% recommended. I will be back!


2 months ago

If it were up to me, I invited you to come to Spain, specifically to Seville, although I think it would be very expensive because I would be taking you now and after a while too.

Please leave us your review.


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