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Photos verified in November of 2022 by ArgXP.
It is recorded that this person does not have a criminal record, according to the MJyDH.

Mariana and Luciana

Who I am?

We are a duo of elegant and casual girls, imposing but simple, and splendidly natural.
We are real and bisexual girlfriends, one from Argentina and one from Colombia.
We have an open mind and we are very sure of what we are worth as luxury escorts.
With our grace and sympathy we will help you forget tensions and problems, and relax in our arms.
We are two university students who with this profession are not only looking for an economic return: we also want to have fun, travel and meet beautiful people.
We love music, going out with friends and laughing a lot.
With a lot of gymnastics and healthy eating we take care of our spectacular bodies full of curves that you will love.
We can receive you at night or during the day, also on weekends, if we agree on the meeting at least 3 hours in advance; And before 11 pm please!
We accept Market Payment and bank transfers. We can do sexting, threesomes, we receive partners, and we are willing to travel. We can also accompany you to events, use toys, we have erotic lingerie and we really want to please you.
We have full vaccination against COVID 19. HABLAMOS EN ESPAÑOL11 4410-1746/ WE SPEAK ENGLISH
We are what friendly gentlemen are looking for, with impeccable hygiene and a great desire to have fun!


Mariana and Luciana

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Experiences (21)


9 months ago

I love all! Their wave, their bodies, their movements. Hope to see you again soon!!!!!!!!


9 months ago

I've known them for a few months, I love them, they have a vibe between them that are fire, every time I come to BA I have to see them, they are beautiful and they turn you on, the apartment is a luxury, I recommend this duo.


9 months ago

I made a video call with them 2 times and I got ready to meet this Argentina/Colombia duo.


9 months ago

They are half a block from my Laburo, we see each other every 15 days, the truth is that they are both very cool, a sexual theme, a thousand points are eaten between them, delicious, and then I fuck them both, they don't do any Colita 🙁 so I keep them to myself You win, they are in Belgrano and I always book in advance, plus a little show beforehand between them that will bring it up for you. Two recommended bitches.


9 months ago

What a beautiful and very Nice Experience With This Girls, I Meet them a couples a Days ago, and I Enjoy Every Beautiful, soft and Relaxing time Together so Gorgeous, funny and Beautiful they are, so my pleasure Plays in Buenos Aires.


8 months ago

My name is Joey. I will be visiting BA in April and I would love to meet you.
Please email me some pictures
My email is


8 months ago

This fiery duo continues to intrigue me infinitely, we couldn't finalize this return that I was on a trip to BS As, but I'm dying to meet them and soon I'll be telling my experience with them.


8 months ago

Hello to my colleagues, I am going to recommend this trio that I tried this week, one of the things that turns me on about the trios is that the mines are eaten whole and that they do not skimp on it and in that sense I left more than satisfied with them, I enjoyed both, they enjoyed a lot and I lived a super hot moment, there is no one who takes positions, we all enjoyed the meeting, negative point, no one gives up the tail, extra points for sexuality do not give respite who was with 2 will know, bodies natural, zero surgeries and the combo has no waste. Slds


8 months ago

I have come from Chile for business, since I had previously spoken with these beautiful women, I met them and what can I say about the beauty of Argentine and Colombian women, I had a good time Rico and incredible what a pleasure to cross for meanwhile work, take a while relaxed drinks and sex with these two wonderful women.


8 months ago

They are art, what a beauty of women for God's sake!! Admirable, they are a poem.


7 months ago

Good morning to colleagues out there and to the curious too, my case is very special because I am a very particular person with places, I want and must stand out above all else, the place where I met you is an apartment in Belgrano, which has a view of dream, everything very clean and tidy, neat for me more than important to relax. (I've gotten into every little junk that I've learned over time) they are both super punctual and organized, they are beautiful personally, without 2 monuments.
He highlighted the detail of the place, the music, their hygiene, cleanliness and punctuality because I am like that obse.
The rest, an impeccable and delicious show worth trying.


7 months ago

I am new to this and the truth is that I am learning little by little, it happened to me on 2 occasions when I arrived at the place and that the girl who opened the door for me was not the one in the photo, what a disappointment, when I saw on this particular page, which said that They were
”verified” do not hesitate and I embarked to meet this passionate duo, number one yes! They are the same and even more beautiful, they are very nice and they make you part of everything, at all times, I fulfilled the kid's dream, beware! Because they are like dulce de leche, once you try...


7 months ago

Hello beauties, how do I contact you? I would like to meet them together with my partner. Rich party the 4 mmm


6 months ago

The day of the Census I went to meet them, nothing more wonderful than Censing two delights like them, they are 2 bombs, they have total energy, very cool and they kill each other, obviously it will go up to the moon. Place, bodies, environment and sex 10!! I recommend this duo.


5 months ago

Total luxury apartment, the divine girls I died of laughter are 2 cool and super relaxed at all times, they are the one in the photo !! Important thing and they kill and destroy you, recommended fires, super super cool, my experience with an impeccable trio! Goal hug to colleagues.


5 months ago

I really had this fantasy of being with 2 women for a while, I proposed it as a couple and they took me running, so it was a total pleasure to enjoy an experience where "marital" relationships did not mix and I ended up separating hehehehe, I fulfilled that pleasant experience with them I enjoyed being with two women and feeling full and capable!! They were both super tender and hot and the truth is unmissable, something different that you have to try! Excellent treatment, very sexy and detonating to see them in action, everything was very delicious.

Nahuel and Laura

4 months ago

We had a great experience with my partner, the 4 of us, we had a lot of fun. It all happened very naturally. It was what we were looking for, all very respectful. We would definitely choose them again.


4 months ago

I met them this week, I had a thousand times they are very nice and warm, both beautiful and with a good predisposition for fantasy, I loved them, they have a chemistry band between them and they divide you into 2, the place is clean, a very good apartment, everything is neat with shower included, highly recommended experience.


two months ago

I made 3 video calls with them a thousand points! In October I am going to see them personally, I want to see everything in action personally, they both drive me crazy.


two months ago

What a pleasure to finally meet you. Enjoy everything from meeting them and chatting through them, they are super smart and friendly and they make you feel unique, comfortable and special. Super recommended experience.


1 day ago

They are from another planet, the best investment of my bonus, is there!! 2 big shoulders who devour incredible experience, the trio had it in the pipeline since high school, what animal madness.

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