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gothic ass

Who I am?

Gotic ass or as many tell me, Cleo ❤️‍🔥 I am a VIP escort in Palermo, as well as the queen of ancient Egypt, famous for her art of loving and her gift for oral sex, in me you will find a sensual and lustful young woman , with great flexibility so that you mold me in the position that you want the most 🔥.

My exuberant tail and my moist lips will make you have a unique moment. In my attention I emphasize mutual respect.

I have a comfortable and discreet apartment where we can enjoy intense and passionate sex.

What are you waiting for to meet me 💋


gothic ass

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Experiences (6)


6 months ago

It is worth paying what it is worth, it sucks for 10 and has a tail of 10. In addition to being cool and the place is very nice


5 months ago

Linda, with a spectacular tail and delicious lips and sucks it 10


5 months ago

Today I was in Palermo looking to kill time, and I met this brunette. Don't let her age fool you, because she is an expert in everything she does at such a young age. Some fleshy lips and a tongue that knows how to use it, I had to stop her from coming in her mouth (literally). In bed, incredible, she moves super rich (talking to her, she told me that she does pole dance and acrobatics on canvas, that explains her movements). From behind moving, that huge tail... and not to mention when I put it in 4, uuufff I can't hold it anymore. I will return? Surely yes. I recommend it? 100%


5 months ago

It does not exaggerate in the description, it sucks that you are left trembling, it loosens your legs… .. and leaves your mind blank, I recommend paying 2 passes. a whole one for you. suck and the other to catch it
in 4 of the best asses I've seen
the girl is 18!!!!! take advantage of it...


4 months ago

I went to meet her, it's worth 100%, better than in the photos, and you can't believe it sucks… incredible kisses!


3 months ago

The prettiest I've ever seen, very kind, impeccable service, talkative, clear ideas, relaxed, goddess, oral sex was like I'd been dreaming of for a long time, she has a beautiful body, I'll be glad for a long time, I'm sorry I wasn't there up to the task with a tremendous woman.

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