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webcam dating ? Tips to look your best

At present, the world seems to have moved to the Internet and the industry of the VIP escorts did not lag behind. To stay relevant in the business today, many escorts offer webcam appointments, this is possible through the cam features provided by escort directories.

However, putting on a cam show is not easy, it is necessary to take into consideration different aspects that allow everything to go perfectly. If everything isn't executed as it should be, you may not make a great impression and your clients may not book an appointment online again.

It is for this reason that we have put together a guide on how to make a good impression and turn those webcam appointments into repeat customers, both for online shows and face-to-face outings.

Tips for webcam dating

Tips for webcam dating

lighting is everything

The key to perfect webcam dates is to offer a video chat that can rival a face-to-face date in terms of experience and quality. Therefore, as Escort from Capital Federal, when you have an online date planned, organize it in a room that is well lit. Invest in a lamp to place behind the screen so that the lighting of your face and body is perfect.

No dandruff or heavy makeup

On webcam dating the focus should be on your face and hair, so you need to look your best. Wash your hair, comb it and apply makeup to your face, look for a light look that highlights your natural features. Also, apply a little powder to combat the shine effect and choose only one focal point to apply a more intense makeup: your eyes or your lips, but never both.

neutral background

If you don't have a simple, neutral background in your house, opt for an app that applies a background. Yes like North Zone escort If you plan on webcam dating professionally, you should probably invest in a green screen. Customers can be easily distracted, so choose a background with no frills, photos, bright colors, people, or pets walking behind you.

Always do a video test before the appointment. Make sure that all personal and intimate belongings are off the site, you do not want to reveal personal information about your life, such as diplomas with your real identity, family photos, trophies, etc.

dress to impress

Decide what look of escort from Belgrano you want to have and stick with it. If you are going on dinner webcam dates, then mainly show the upper half of your body. In this case, you want to have a nice neckline, a small necklace that doesn't distract attention from you, and generally avoid big, flashy accessories.

If you're planning a wilder date, then look for something that's easily removable and in a sexy, slow-motion way, so you can look seductive as you undress.

Have a good camera

If you want to make a living from webcam dating, having a good camera that allows a good quality image is a must. if you are a horse escort, a good camera will offer a clear image, nice colors and show each other's facial expressions, something really important during an intimate date.

webcam dating ? Tips to look your best


To be able to have webcam dating you need to meet certain requirements otherwise it will be a total disaster. You must take care of your safety and your reputation as an escort at all times.

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