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grooming routine? What to do before dating an escort

A good one grooming routine is vital when you are planning to date a escort from Buenos Aires. Having an adequate hygiene ritual before having a meeting with an escort is something that they will always appreciate.

Sticking to the most basic things of your body cleanse takes your game to the next level. You only have to answer the following questions: Do you look elegant?; Is your touch soft?; Do you smell fresh?; Is your breath minty?

If the answer is "yes", then you are ready to date an escort and blow her head off with lust. If your answer is "no", then we invite you to review our tips to have an excellent grooming routine before being with a Federal Capital escorts.

Tips for a correct grooming routine before being with an escort

keep your skin hydrated

You can use moisturizing creams for your hands and body. When making contact with your skin, the escort must feel excited, and there is nothing that improves your touch than moisturizing creams. Keep your face, hands and feet well hydrated to make your companion feel loved at all times.

Tips for a correct grooming routine before being with an escort

less is better

as part of your grooming routine, we recommend that you do not use a lot of cologne and try to limit yourself to a single scent. All the products you use have a strong scent: shampoo, conditioner, soap, shaving cream, hair gel, etc.

Try to choose products with less perfume and use a good quality cologne instead. This way you will be absolutely delicious to your date's nose.

always have fresh breath

Having fresh breath is essential if you are looking for an escort that offers you the girlfriend experience. It is necessary that you maintain excellent oral hygiene; brush your teeth, use mouthwash and floss, this way you will have your North Zone escort crazy for You.

Wear clean clothes and dress well

A fundamental part of the grooming routine is to be well dressed and with clean clothes. One of the things that can put out the flame in a escort from Belgrano he is a dirty and unkempt man. When he's out on the street, his reputation is on the line, that's why you have to live up to his style, otherwise he may abandon you and refuse to go out with you.

Take a shower, wash your hair, cut your nails, get rid of the hair in your ears, nose and intimate area; apply some cologne and put on elegant clothes, so you will have a more than satisfactory experience.

take care of your genitals

Start by cutting off the excess pubic hair, this will give you a sophisticated look.

If during your grooming routine If you want to shave everything so that there is no hair in the area, you can apply shaving gel or other products that protect your skin efficiently. Then gently pass the razor in the direction in which the hair grows.

Use your free hand to lift and stretch the skin so it doesn't get caught under the razor blade. Go from the balls up, rinse the blade often, do it gently and don't press the blade too hard on the skin.

When the shaving process is finished, avoid using lotions that contain alcohol. Instead, use an aftershave balm to cool the rash and hydrate the skin.

grooming routine? What to do before dating an escort


Follow our advice and you will have the best date with escorts from Caballito. Remember that a grooming routine It is extremely important in all aspects of life. However, having a pleasant experience with an escort depends a lot on how attentive you are to her, and these types of details are important.

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