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Semen taste? Know how to make your semen taste good

If you are one of those who likes to make your escort from Buenos Aires swallows your milk, you must make the experience enjoyable for her. It is for this reason that you must make the taste of semen as delicious as possible.

Not all escorts offer this service in their catalog of sexual activities, but those who do agree on one thing: They want the semen to taste good. That is why, if in addition to wanting to receive the blowjob of your life, they want your semen to be swallowed, you must make an effort because it tastes good.

Chemical composition of semen

Let's start with the first thing, for the semen to taste pleasant, its chemical composition needs to be slightly modified. According to specialists, semen is made up of:

  • 96% water
  • 2% sperm
  • 2%: fructose, vitamin C, sodium bicarbonate, protein, minerals (such as magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and potassium).

Although there are no studies to confirm this, many Federal Capital escorts, indicate that it is a popular belief that the food a man eats influences the taste of his semen.

Chemical composition of semen

What to eat and drink to make your semen taste sweeter

As we have indicated before, there are no scientific studies that support this, but the North Zone escorts and many other pleasure professionals agree that drinking natural fruit juices before sex improves the taste of semen. Depending on the fruit, the semen can have a sweeter or more bitter taste.

Eating blueberries, apples, pineapple, lemons, celery, kiwi, watermelon, various fruits and vegetables can improve the taste of semen. So if you want your escort from Belgrano she delights in the taste of your semen, you must eat these fruits before seeing her.

You can try a diet of spices, including a lot of cinnamon, cardamom and mint in your diet. This way, the semen will taste amazing, or at least that's what the sex experts say!

What to avoid eating before a date with an escort

Try to avoid fried foods, asparagus, red meat, dairy, coffee, alcohol, and tobacco. Other forbidden foods that unpleasantly alter the taste of semen are broccoli, garlic, and onion.

Is it safe to swallow semen?

Escorts always think twice before making any decision that could put your health at risk, especially when it comes to having sex; that although it is part of their work, it is also what they must take care of the most.

Semen, when it comes from a healthy man, is just another natural bodily fluid that does not affect the digestive tract because it is neutralized by gastric fluids. If you're wondering about the bleach smell in semen, it's due to the small amounts of chlorine it contains. Again, it is harmless if the man is healthy.

It is safe to swallow semen

But, if you suffer from some kind of sexually transmitted disease, then unprotected oral sex; In addition to swallowing semen, it can lead to the spread of herpes, syphilis, chlamydia, genital warts, and gonorrhea. When it comes to HIV transmission, this only happens if there are cuts or sores in the mouth of the person who is performing oral sex.

The best thing you can do to fully enjoy your date with a horse escort, is to demonstrate your current state of health. You could take tests before the appointment, and tell her that you are in perfect health, so she doesn't worry about the taste of the semen and anything else that could put her at risk.


So, as we have indicated, if you want your VIP companion to enjoy the taste of your semen, you must eat well and stay healthy. Otherwise, she has the right to refuse to perform sexual acts that she considers may put her at risk, and it is something that you must accept and respect.

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