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Photos verified in May 2023 by ArgXP.
It is recorded that this person does not have a criminal record, according to the MJyDH.

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Who I am?

Hello, my name is Ari! If you want, I can be your sweetest and most empathetic girlfriend.
I am an escort from the Retiro neighborhood, simple, calm, respectful, and I expect the same respect from everyone.
My face and my body are completely natural. I love reading, going to the theater and skating.
I am looking for inner peace, to be able to educate myself intellectually and to have financial peace of mind.
I am willing to have a meeting of several days, to be part of threesomes (I am bisexual)
and travel for up to a week.
Do not hesitate to call! (I await your message at least two hours in advance, please…)



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Experiences (1)

[email protected]

6 months ago

I live in the interior of the country, I come to Buenos Aires very often for work and when I arrive I cannot stop calling her. She is an exceptional girl, as a unique woman and sexually speaking the best I have known in the last 20 years.
Don't stop calling her.

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