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It is recorded that this person does not have a criminal record, according to the MJyDH.

Picture of Ana Sofia

Who I am?

I am a beautiful and charismatic VIP escort, a delicate and elegant woman.
I define myself as a professional who loves extreme sports, travel and permanent training in the disciplines that interest me.

I have a stylized figure, in which my legs stand out and that I take care of with a lot of gym.
We can meet whenever you want, with no time limit and also on weekends. I only ask you to make the appointment in advance.

Above all, I can guarantee you the utmost discretion. (I'm full time)

I am willing to travel and have fun. I can accompany you to dinners and events and make you look great. I go to hotels and homes.
I can treat you to sexy lingerie if you ask me to, and my goal will always be to get you back very soon!


He in

Ana Sofia

He is waiting for your message Write to her, don't make her wait.

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Experiences (22)

hector louis

1 year ago

Precious lady, sweet, sincere, passionate, sexy. Everything a man looks for in a woman, she has it all. To repeat countless times. Kisses my QUEEN


1 year ago

My beautiful Dulcinea always so fine and eloquent I love how SOS bela bela belaaaaa. Soon we will meet again.


1 year ago

very good orally
very good at sex
very good conversation
very good woman
What more could you ask for... Angelic face our reunion was beautiful.

edith gonzalez

1 year ago

The truth is very cool and me and my husband laugh a lot, the truth is that he had a great time with her hahaha I would say that it is our allowance every time we want to have a good time with her 😚😘 very sweet and I felt that she really enjoys it as well as we do .. forever grateful to find her in a place like this super patch 😊🥰


1 year ago

A show come true; I love his voice, his attitude, skills, let's not even talk. Great total what more can be said super recommended


1 year ago

Very pretty, sweet, she is a goddess,
very good sex
very good oral
you fall in love


1 year ago

The bearing when it appeared in the restaurant; came by referral from a friend who traveled to BSAS. Miss, I'm taking you on a trip. Better than the posted photos; Super fine, a true level escort.


1 year ago

It is a 10 super recommended, good attention since I contacted her, punctual, polite... important things when opening the door of my house.
She's prettier than in the photos and she's so nice you don't want her to leave.
Kisses 💋 soon we repeat.


1 year ago

The truth as soon as I saw it was impressive. Cordial, very understanding with me, and the whole talk was very cool. Laughing and having a good time was the objective and it was fulfilled. Thank you also for your good wishes at the farewell!


1 year ago

From the moment I opened the door I was impressed. Beautiful, nice woman, the talk was very pleasant, interesting and she had a lot of patience due to previous nerves. Thanks for the conversation, your good wishes at the end and for the experience.


1 year ago

I will be visiting Argentina in February. I want to make an appointment to meet


1 year ago

Beautiful, sweet, sexy and very nice! A pleasure to have met you, I hope to see you on a next trip


1 year ago

Beautiful, sweet, sexy and very nice. A pleasure to have met you. I hope to see you again on my next trip to Buenos Aires


1 year ago

Thank you Ana for the courtesy, it was quite difficult to coordinate our meeting; Because when I wrote you, you were traveling, I kept insisting and you just didn't work that day, then I had to cancel you because of my job. But it was worth every wait, you are a sweet, affectionate, sensitive and above all transparent woman, at least I will try to see you once a month. Greetings and as I told you in person, you have a very charismatic and beautiful energy. Bruno


1 year ago

Do you entertain couples. My wife and I are interested in a third person. What is your rate.


10 months ago

Beautiful and divine, excellent person.


10 months ago

Very pretty, cool and fulfills everything she promises... apart from the fact that you can talk about any topic with her !!!


8 months ago

A complete woman, passionate, exciting, instancabile nel soddisfare il suo uomo.


8 months ago

Ha tutto que che unomo cerca en una donna.


5 months ago

A genius! very beautiful and good vibes!


3 months ago

Ana you are terrible in bed she turned on to the touch in my madness Reyna in all whore as I like them and delicate as a woman


1 week ago

A dream come true!!!
Very sweet!
really fun!
A person love.
It's worth it, don't hesitate!!

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