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Who I am?

Hello! How are you? I'll tell you a little about myself. 😃
My name is Alaia, I am a escort girl from Palermo Very passionate, funny, discreet and above all very educated.
The best confidant you can ever have!
I AM FROM ZARAGOZA, I hold meetings in CABA and the northern zone.
I can go to you, or you can come to me, dept. Located in Recoleta, I make meetings in hotels with great discretion.
Send me a WhatsApp message for more information.
It is a pleasure to greet you.



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Experiences (19)


1 year ago

The best wave, the sexiest accent, and a beautiful body. An ideal combo for a great meeting


1 year ago

Alaia is an incredible girl, apart from being very beautiful, she has a good vibe, she is very charismatic and she has a great time by her side.

m fuller

11 months ago

Good vibes in bed, accommodating, he lives it from the first moment. A great day without hassles. Her tits, her blowjobs and her phrases with a marked Spanish accent are for a separate post (fuck me). High dust.


11 months ago

It's a bomb, gentlemen. I have never been so hot.


10 months ago

It's one of the best I've been with. Alaia is a beautiful woman with whom you can have a great time. Her body a true work of art.


10 months ago

I had a video call a while ago with this amazing female. How warm this woman. Not only does she have a perfect body, but with her kitty attitude it's impossible not to get turned on. I haven't met her in person yet, but virtually she was extraordinary.

The devil

10 months ago

Spectacular from start to finish!!! Beautiful accent, beautiful she…. It pleases you to unimaginable levels... I recommend it with my eyes closed

Charlie "The Devil"

10 months ago

Is a goddess! You are pleased with what you ask divine!! It was one of the best fucks I've ever had... I recommend it with my eyes closed...

a geminian

10 months ago

Beautiful, she puts all the vibes on her, she knows how to give pleasure. I passed it ten. One hundred percent recommended.

Greg Morgan

9 months ago

Alaia is a goddess. Very beautiful, a divine body, a beautiful accent.
Very nice, attentive and with an incredible sexual attitude.
Highly recommended!


7 months ago

What a GODDESS this girl is, and with an incredible good vibes!!! 10 POINTS!!!


6 months ago

Very pretty in person, very good treatment. His Spanish accent is beautiful. I was quite nervous because I hadn't been to escorts for years, but their service is excellent, recommended.


5 months ago

Beautiful and delicate. Even prettier than in the photos. Excellent treatment.


4 months ago

A while ago I had a video call with Alaia, I loved her body and the vibe that she puts on her, not to mention the accent that gives you a thousand! It left me wanting to go visit her and her friend, then I will comment on that experience.


4 months ago

Beautiful woman and beautiful person. It has a unique energy!! I loved it, I'll be back!!


4 months ago

Divine!! Very sweet and good vibes! A perfect physique! I'll be back


4 months ago

The experience with Alaia is worth it! Your treatment is excellent, Thank you!!


1 month ago

The other day we made a video call zzx I fell in love, spectacular...

I want to organize with her to meet her in person and have an incredible time, super cool and very sweet ..!!


1 month ago

The best is a bomb. beautiful

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